what are you waiting for ?
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what are you waiting for ?

                           Saturday 7th January 2017!!! Finally I've done it. I've always wanted to start a blog. Share a piece of myself myself with the rest of the world but it seems something always gets in the way. I consider myself to be someone who although doesn't take her own advice has a way of touching people.  In the past all I did was write poems and stories and hide it from the rest of the world, but one day I was in church and the message said clearly a city set on a hill cannot be hidden, no one lights a candle and hides it under a table.  At this point I decided to start sharing. That was more than five years ago.

Many reading this might wonder what is the point of all this rambling, but there are salient points we all can pick from this short story.  Firstly, we all have that one thing we've been procrastinating on. We keep saying tomorrow , this weekend, next year, little do we know that time waits for no one. Why wait till tomorrow? Whatever you want to do don't wait! Start now!


Secondly, every single person has something in them that makes them unique. To you it might not be anything serious, it can be drawing, singing, writing even listening. Are you optimizing your talent? Do you even know what your good at? You might say I have no talents; I'm just plain little me. That's a lie. If you find it hard to identify what makes you unique pray about it, ask your close friends. You will be surprised at the response.

Lastly, success is not limited to just having the biggest house or fanciest cars, impacting a life, your environment, your society; leaving a footprint behind is one of the most successful endeavors one can  achieve. Don't just walk through life as a breeze; don't let a day pass that you have not POSITIVELY impacted an external being or factor.

As we start this new year, use this time to discover yourself, look closely and pay more attention, you will be surprised at how gifted you are; don't wait till tomorrow to start that one thing you've been procrastinating on, your greatest obstacle is yourself. The sooner you realize this the easier life will be for you.

I've started my year with a ? . Hope this inspires you to do the same.

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