Tola needs to learn some common courtesy, every single day she comes to my room and disturbs my peaceful sleep. Sometimes I wonder if she does this intentionally. Truth be told it’s already 7:00am and I have to be at work by 8. Maybe I should actually stand up. 
 I take my phone and check my messages. Wow there’s a message from deola, let me take a few minutes to reply her. Deola is also awake and we end up talking for ten minutes. 
Now the time is 7:15am I really need to stand up now. As I stand I remember to say a quick prayer to God” lord Jesus you know I love you but I’m running late, give me a beautiful day ahead,amen” 
I start to hurry. I need to leave the house by 7:40 in order to get to work early. Thank God I live close to work. What should I wear? ??? “oh my God! We are on inverter! I forgot to iron the day before! God why do bad things happen to good people”. Relunctantly I wear a rough dress. Hopefully no one will notice. Now the time is 7:30am. 
This brows are not coming out right! Should I just leave it? But how will soji at work see me without makeup! No! I must get this eyebrows done! The devil is a liar. 
Finally I’m ready! Thank God for braids wig???? I quickly rush out and forget to switch off my fan and lights. On getting downstairs Dad says to me “Tolu! I am very sure you did not switch off your light, go back upstairs and switch it off” I can’t believe this! It’s 7:40! Does Dad understand what is going on? I’m going to be late! In order not to waste time arguing I quickly dash upstairs and turn off the light. 
As I leave for work I remember I did not greet my mum. I can smell the nice aroma of  Asaro coming from the kitchen. Too bad I won’t be able to taste it. 
I quickly dash to my car and as I’m about to leave  I see my dad chasing the car. ” what does this man want again”. ” Tolu did you guage the tyres I told you to gauge last week?”. Oh snap! I totally forgot! Well I’ve been busy, I say to myself. I try to mumble some Mumbo jumbo and before I can my dad says ” you have a flat tyre Tolu,you better come down and start changing it or enter public transport” 
The time is 8:00am. Oh Lord!!! why do bad things happen to good people? 

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