Peace Series : Guilty Pleasures
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Peace Series : Guilty Pleasures

Tife is a bright girl. Beautiful, tall, smart. She's an athlete, in the student executive committee of her department, in the choir, in the debate team. Everyone wants to be like Tife. Everyone EXCEPT TIFE ?.

Tife only shows everyone her great side. No one knows Tife is struggling inside. Tife's mum tries her best to support her every way she can. Her dad isn't in the picture and her mum has to take care of her and her sister. It isn't easy and Tife finds it hard to get by.

It seems her mum doesn't understand what she's going through. She doesn't understand she has needs. She is a young adult! In a prestigious university! It is pressure and she cannot afford to falter! Everyone is looking at her. Tife knows it's not easy and she doesn't want to stress her mum. She prays everyday for an opening! A way to ease the stress.

                                                 ~ • ~

"Hello! Yes! Okay, I'm on my way" Tife makes her way to the Conference room for the meeting with her exco members.

"I have received the dues from the students and it is safe to say we have far above the budget. I believe we can share the balance between us equally. The balance is 5 million"  Karina says.

Tife can't believe this . They are ten in the executive, and that means 500,000 per person.

" I don't think this is right. I think we should at least wait till after our departmental week before thinking of sharing any money" Tife says.

Everyone looks at her and she knows she has said the wrong thing.

As Tife leaves the meeting, she starts to wonder, will taking the money be such a bad thing? It will definitely help her out with school and ease the stress on her mum. 'But it's wrong', Tife talks to herself.

                                               ~ • ~

It's time for the next meeting. A poll is taken and Tife votes in favour of splitting the money.

'It's not actually bad, it's not good but it's a grey area'

Tife knows she will always remember what she did today, but as the feeling of guilt starts to wash over her she gets a message on her phone.

She's scared to turn it over! 'Did someone find out, is she in trouble?' She turns her phone and she sees:

Credit Alert: N500,000.

Tife tries to convince herself, its for a greater purpose! The guilt will wash away.

"Never trade your peace for a moment's pleasure. At first, it may seem important, but in the long run! Peace is not worth losing ! It is too high a price to pay."

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