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Life keeps throwing lemons at us. It isn't so easy to make lemonade now is it? Too many times I've asked myself, what was the point of worrying? What did it change? The results that came out were the same.

We cannot focus on what steals our peace because there are uncountable reasons. Worry, lack of trust, life , death , bills, etc. however, we know that for something to be stolen it was not protected enough. So this leads us to a very important aspect, how do we protect our peace?

Firstly, not everything is in our control. Hence, when you cannot control what is happening, you can control how you respond to that situation. Your school is on strike, you cannot control it but you can control how you choose to react to it. The best way to react is to be calm and calculated. Worrying, overreacting, panicking and being anxious has never made anything better. 

Secondly, No one can make you feel bad without your consent. Yes! It sounds cliche, but have you ever wondered why you always get angry when your parents scold you but your sibling doesn't flinch. It doesn't mean he or she did not listen, he decided not to make that instance steal his peace. This goes for jobs, projects and other areas of life. No one can make you feel bad unless you let them. 

Follow your heart. This is so important. When you know the way you want to go but you allow peer pressure, what the society will say, your status define your decisions for you, you begin to battle with your mind, you begin to battle with yourself and before you know it your peace is gone. Learn how to listen and follow your heart. That way it is easier to bear the consequences of your actions.

Choose your battles. It is not every argument you must participate in, it is not every time you must share your opinion. This is something we all struggle with. At the end of the day, after the argument and the debates you end up annoyed, relationships are strained, mean words are said and everyone goes home worse off than they started. Ask yourself this , proving you were right  was it worth your peace? 

Have Faith! For believers who know that God is the foundation on which they stand, are you not aware that your lack of peace shows a lack of trust in God. Are you saying that God is not bigger than your problems or He cannot handle it? Don't you believe that His plans for us are good and not evil. You obviously do not trust yourself, but you should trust God. The next time something steals your peace, remember to tell God to deal with it, and leave those burdens behind. 

Be occupied! An idle man is the devil's workshop. You are waiting for a result from a job interview, an exam you wrote, a proposal you submitted. Why don't you keep yourself busy while waiting. After all thinking constantly about it is not making time move faster. Keep your mind occupied so the devil does not plant evil thoughts in it.

There are so many ways to protect your peace. What other ways can we protect our peace? ❤️❤️

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3 thoughts on “Peace Series: PROTECTION PROGRAMME

  1. I couldn't even agree more. For me, it's "be watchful of the energy you surround yourself with"- Friends, boyfriends, the list goes on. Not just anyone should be granted a permit into your space. Protect the energy that you've worked so hard on, I mean we have enough issues on our own, you'll now Comman add the issues that awon araye decide to take note of too.

  2. Well done girl! Enjoyed this! Another way of keeping your peace is Decide to give excuses for even the worst behavior! That thing actually works a whole lot. It helps you maintain a positive energy everytime and makes you protect your heart from being hurt and angered by people who aren't even worth your anger and losing your cool. Like imagine you're driving on the road and the next driver on the road just begins to insult you because of maybe y'all are dragging for traffic lane, I mean instead of winding your glass down and lurching insults, just think maybe things are bad at his home lol. And another thing don't be too quick to insult someone on the road like all those rough drivers or agberos because the very likely possibility is that you just might NEVER EVER see that person again and you just wasted a good bucket of saliva and said some mean words that will disturb your conscience for the longest time and make you lose peace of mind and start asking God to forgive your ill words!

  3. Wonderful write up… Another way is to hand over very situation or issue to God as u said earlier by trusting in him because even if we try to curb some things that will disturb us some of dem might eventually happen either by we ourselves inviting dem one way or the other or we just succum to flesh forgetting we have the Almighty who is the protector of peace.

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