And the Award for the Worst Citizen goes to ……
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And the Award for the Worst Citizen goes to ……
October is a special month in my country. This is the month my twin was born ☺️? and this is the month we gained our independence ??, This year came with Mixed feelings.  We all tried to find out what the problem of the country was and who was to blame for our slow progress.

As I sat in church that Sunday I was so annoyed. Wondering for how long we will keep praying and soliciting for a country that seems not to be going forward. At the end of service that day it became to clear to me what the problem of my beautiful country is.

Take this test honestly and you will know without a doubt who the worst citizen of this great Country is;

1. Peeing/ Pooing outside - Abuse, pollution, defaming the walls.

2. Throwing things on the floor instead of the bin - after we will be shouting flooding! This is environmental pollution.

3. Writing on the currency- common!

4. Bribing for admission - once our education system is rotten then what are we doing?

5. Bribing for nysc - but really must we bribe.

6. Whoring to get a job - that is why unqualified people are making poor decisions in their work place.

7. Fake  papers ( insurance, drivers license, passport)  - this is just sad.

8. Special Centre- WASSCE, NECO , JAMB , etc. if you were taught in the exam hall whether directly or indirectly, humbly tick for yourself.

9. Selling things online and blocking them without delivering/ delivering undervalued items/ overpricing items and shouting"it's the dollar"  - we are quick to call diezani a thief but we do the same thing, also over pricing encourages inflation.

10. Disobeying traffic lights - this can lead to accidents, loss of lives, etc.

11. Refusing to obtain permanent voters card - God asked Moses at the Red Sea, what is in your hand? What is in our hand? When you can't vote how can you elect?

12. Refusing to come out and vote - This is just irresponsibility.

13. Selling your vote for one bag of rice - Esau Behavior. ??????

14. Unnecessary bureaucracy  ( settle me before you can see oga) mentality - this is why this country cannot move forward.

15. 3 or more cars leaving one home- then don't complain of traffic.

16. Students Associations squandering School Funds- we can't trust you with little how can we trust you with bigger responsibilities.

17. Scamming your parents while you were a student- if you can scam your parents you can scam anybody.

18. Illegal Immigrant - it is very embarrassing when they deport so many Nigerians. You just don't represent your family, you represent your country as well.

19. Not Paying our taxes - it is your duty. It is the law.

20. African Time- less productivity when we keep arriving late. Nigerians can be early! Honestly just try harder. Plan to start getting ready early and prepare for traffic as well.

21. Procrastination - the government procrastinates, the Citizens procrastinate! Then we wonder why we never get things done in this country.

22. Living above your means - we want to use the latest gadget, drive the best cars, use the best weaves just to show off. But you know in your heart you cannot afford this lifestyle.

So how bad a citizen are you? What did you score? Leave your comments below ???

"Change Starts with you" - it might sound cliche but it is the honest truth.

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