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" I am tired! I am tired of trying !, what is it? Why does everything have to be so difficult? And it seems no one understands what I'm going through" Deola Lamented

"And what exactly are you going through?" Victory said with an amusing look on her face.

Deola rushing to get ready for CDS before she misses attendance answered with an exasperated voice " It's bad enough I have to fend for myself in this lagos, My allowee has not been paid, I don't have transport money for this week, I have to register for my ICAN classes and still make time to call home everyday, Why don't people understand that even though I'm just a corper I have a lot on my plate"

"Hmm!! Is that all?" Victory blurted chuckling "I don't really see what is funny Victory, if this is how you will be laughing then please leave me alone"

Victory realizing that Deola was getting upset quickly tried to appease her "Ahn ahn my friend, someone cannot play with you again? I just feel you are so lucky compared to me, you know I'm squatting with you and I don't even have a job yet, oya tell me between me and you who has more reasons to be angry"

Tola who had been sitting on the bed and listening to the conversation sat up and faced both friends " Oh really, so this has turned into competition of who is suffering more?"

Deola replied " Tola Abeg abeg! Not everyone has it as easy as you, not everyone has an Uncle at Aso Rock" Tola nodded her head in dispair and walked to her friend and said " Deola, although things may not all be figured out right now you have a roof over your head, clothes on your back,, a good paying job ,  a good car and lest I remind you that all this were given to you by your parents,  just to buy fuel into the car you are lamenting. And I'm very sure you don't  feel grateful. Honestly that's not good enough"  as she was talking Deola's expression slowly melted from anger and frustration to shame and reluctance.

" Oya what about me? What do I have to be thankful for? I've just been having bad days"  Victory stood up with her hands akimbo in a defensive manner waiting to hear what Tola will say. "Hmm! No matter how bad your day is there is always something to be thankful for, always something to be grateful for. Good health, Life,  Journey mercies, the food you ate, the roof over your head even if you are squatting,  Honestly I can sit here and list more than enough things to be grateful for, there is a  spirit of entitlement most of us have that blinds us to the blessings all around us" 

"The lecture is okay! I'm leaving now, please don't forget to the leave the key under the mat" Deola said as she rushed out of the house.

What are you grateful  for? 

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