Hot chocolate

Olivia’s Cafe/ Nuts About Cakes
33 Fola Osibo Street, Off Adebayo Doherty, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Monday – Saturday : 7:30am – 7:00pm
Sunday : 10:00am – 7:00pm

Working for a virtual law firm has its perks; meetings are not confined to the office space, we tend to change our scenery especially when we need some inspiration or creativity. Flashback to one of our meetings, Israel suggested Olivia’s Cafe. let’s dive right in !

It’s Fola Osibo! Everybody knows Fola Osibo; If you don’t use google maps ?, enter through Admiralty way to make things easier for you. Ask for nuts about cakes. It is in the same building; so if you are asking for Olivia’s Cafe some individuals may be confused. If you are not driving take the Lekki shuttle buses at the Lekki gate, tell the driver Nuts About Cakes, Fola Osibo. It is straightforward. This is the least of the problems.

The staff are well trained. They know their job, understand the menu, are well behaved and always punctual. I’ve been to this cafe over 6 times and I don’t have a reason to complain about any staff. Quite impressive yeah?

X Factor

There are Cafe’s and there are cafes. This is a CAFE! It has this dark and mysterious feel to it. Creates an atmosphere for intimate conversations and relaxation. The menu is amazing ! They have something for everyone, very affordable as well. The cake store right beside it is also an added advantage, Cake and Frapuccino is not a bad combination.

Camera! Lights! Action
This place is not for Instagram photoshoot. You can take pictures of the meals you order and post that, however for pictures of you prepare to either open the blinds and distract others or go outside to take your picture. It doesn’t seem like that was part of the plan for the cafe. Its more of a hideout spot and not a photo studio.

Breaking the Bank
Olivia’s cafe prices its food and services for the middle class worker. Everything on the menu is averagely priced; on the borderline. Not too cheap and not too expensive. The portions are moderate so it definitely is value for money.

Olivia's Cafe Menu

Olivia’s Cafe Menu

I had chicken, roasted peppers, basil tomatoes and mayo on grilled panini bread served with chips. It was not bad at all. I’ll score it a 4/5. I took it with ginger latte! There is no cafe that has been able to give me this taste ! It is amazing! Honestly, if this is all you can have there you should try it out.

Chicken salad panini bread

Chicken salad panini bread

Ginger Latte

Ginger Latte

Taiwo had the Nuts about Breakfast. This consists of yam and corned beef egg stew, she also added chicken sausages to her order. The yam is cut into medium cubes. It was so much that she had to pack some as takeaway. Some find it weird that there’s yam and eggs at a cafe but I feel it makes them stand out. Not everyone is a fan of wraps and sandwiches. She had hot chocolate to go with the meal.

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate

Damilola had chicken, avocado and cheese toastie. This is made up of chicken, avocado and cheese with thick slices of white bread toasted and served with chips. Damola believes this is the best thing on the menu. I will try it out the next time I’m there and post pictures. She also had caramel Frapuccino. She scored them a 4/5

The Americano coffee is not the strongest americano coffee in Lekki, so if you like your coffee strong you will need to specifically state that so you won’t be disappointed. Kofe Club’s Americano is rated higher.

Firstly! The Cafe is open by 7am. Not open that they are cleaning tables and pulling down chairs, the staff is ready to take orders. That is a big plus for me! Knowing fully well that Nigerians and time management are not friends. What stands out for me will be the food options. The food options are wide and rich. Most cafes don’t spend detail on the food,They are more interested in the coffee and the ambience.
You can also get magazines here for free.

The toilet is an important canvas for taking pictures. To be candid the toilet is small but I am sure it can be improved on. It’s a basic grey; not much thought was put into it. At least it’s clean so that is an A+. Olivia’s Cafe gets really busy at 11am and may not be the best option for you if you plan on reading a wbook. It’s better suited for intimate conversations, meetings, working on your laptop with your ears plugged.

Olivia’s Cafe is the yardstick for other Cafe’s. Every area is excellent, right from the walk in to the ambience, customer service, food quality and quantity, time flexibility. Are you recently exploring Cafe’s. Start at Olivia’s!

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