RSB SERIES : 10 Business ideas with less than N40,000 start up capital
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RSB SERIES : 10 Business ideas with less than N40,000 start up capital
RSB Series
On this series I have gotten quite a number of push backs from my subscribers as to why they can't start a business. Wanna guess?? Capital!! The topic is already a hint. Anyway, Damola Oyebo from and I sat down and thought of 10 businesses you can start with less than N40,000
Car wash
1. Car wash Honestly, this is one of the cheapest and lucrative ways to make money. All you need is water, soap, towel and your energy. Wanna save more cost? Start with home delivery, that way you use the water of the customer and charge transport fare.
Home tutoring
2. Home Tutor All those kids in your area have been looking for lesson teachers, make flyers and drop at the estate gate, parks, supermarkets, salons around your vicinity. All you need is transport allowance and some textbooks based on the student your tutoring. 3. Small Chops Small chops will always be a best seller, just make sure you know how to make it properly. This might be more capital intensive depending on the number of packs you are making. If you don't know how to make it please invest in yourself and learn professionally not via YouTube.
Dishwashing liquid
4. Liquid Soap Gone are the days when morning fresh was the only grease cutter, today we have households who only use the morning fresh as a container, I cannot tell you how to come across those thick gallons of liquid soap, but I can tell you this for free! Add some drops of lavender and you increase the value of those soaps. They are also very affordable. 5. OfficeKitchen One thing I struggle with is finding office lunch, imagine a life where someone calls me to take my order by 9 in the morning and my meal arrives at my office by 1pm in the afternoon. I'm ready to pay a little extra for such a service. Already, Lekki turkey is 1,000 naira! Ridiculous! You don't need to love cooking, you just need to know how to cook.
Thrift store
6. Thrift Store Back in the days we called them Okriks!!! Today we call it thrift store, what truly matters is it gets you good schmoney. One bail goes for about 10-15k. Go a step further and dry clean the clothes to get the scent out, voila! You have yourself a mobile boutique, the real key is to pick a good bail, so make sure your plug is legit!
Chicken and chips
7. Chicken & Chips I'm sure your wondering what is the difference between this and No 3. But trust me there is a world of difference. Firstly, some people just don't know how to make small chops; they've tried and failed. There's this place Marjie introduced me to at 1436, Sanusi Fafunwa street, Victoria Island where chicken and chips is N1,000. Let's be honest how much is a bag of chips at shoprite? Maximum N2,000 , half carton of chicken? Maximum 6,000. To succeed in this business focus on the taste, the portion size and your customer service.
Drycleaning business
8. Drycleaning This is not for the faint hearted. I am not talking about washing machines here. Most individuals these days already do their laundry via the washing machine but they don't iron them. If you enjoy ironing, this will be a great way for you to make money. It is not capital intensive.
Bedsheet sale
9. Bedsheet Sale Yaba! Yaba! Yaba! That is the hub for bedsheets in lagos. Most people run such a busy schedule that they don't have time to go there and actually shop, so being the market to them. Try your best not to make the margin too wide otherwise they will come here themselves. 10. Printing Business. Printing business is one business that all you need is a Somolu contact and transport money. You don't need to own a bottle of ink to be in the business, you just need to network, deliver quality jobs and deliver on time. Get this three right and you will be called C.E.O in no time. Was this post helpful? Did I miss any crucial business opportunity? Till we meet again let's keep the conversation alive via comments. Take Care, Iperu Girl.

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