Popbeach Club! Where do I start! Well let’s be clear about one thing; planning a  day out with a group of people is an extreme sport. The disappointment I went through was almost enough for me to give up but we all know that doesn’t sound like Tosin.

I will skip how I found out at Popbeach and start right from the preparations. I always plan for uncertainties and I knew for this to work out at an affordable rate I will need ten people to split the costs; so I convinced 14 people and we started planning. Few days to the D – day we were down to 6 people; don’t ask me how this happened.

LESSON 1 – Make sure your crew will not disappoint you; make them sign a contract where the need arises. On the day of our event we used Tarzan at Victoria Island to transport ourselves to Ilashe; This was booked before that day; LESSON 2 – Book your water transport before that day. I asked for a “convertible” speedboat but unfortunately it started raining on the trip. Safe to say it was traumatic! My wig flew off due to the strong winds and honestly all I could think about was the disciples and Jesus that stormy night.

As you can see I was wigless

the best popbeach team

The boat trip took us about 20 minutes. On getting there the girls took a ski truck while the guys walked. It cost us N1000, maybe I should just have walked but who wants to walk through the forest though. On my ride I noticed a lot of houses on the island; maybe they sell plots there (I’ll definitely cop one) I also saw some kids there; seems there’s a whole community that lives there.

swimwear Activated!

On getting to Popbeach it was EXACTLY like the pictures! But the pictures were finer! we tried to settle down, change into our swim wears, set out the snacks and food and drinks, get the music playing. Pop beach wasn’t ready for us as they just started setting up the beds. This made me confused because we got there at 1:30 and we booked the place for 11:00am. LESSON 3 – Get there early enough! Time is Money.


  1. Everyspot is a photospot at Popbeach

I had so much fun, played games, swam and took pictures! The amazing part is you can be free because of the privacy of the beach. Literally! You can do anything! The pool wasn’t deep so there’s no fear of drowning; but still take care though; I’m on the tall side.

We brought our food and drinks with us as a potluck event so there was so much to eat and drink, we also brought some raw chicken with us which someone barbecued at the price of N700.

We ended the evening by strolling to the beach and it was honestly so much fun. For me the beauty of Popbeach did not make it amazing! It was the people in it that made all the difference. So make sure you go with the right people !!!!

A weekend package or an overnight package would have been more value for money. Knowing that you have only few hours takes the fun away from the whole day. Although they have chalets for N60,000 per night! I have not tried that out and I don’t know if that covers 10 people.

Thinking of going to Popbeach club? Let aspergong handle the planning.

“Popbeach Club is one of the hidden treasures of Lagos; located in the heart of Ilase, it is home away from home. “

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