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Tired.Com – 5 Tips to Changing Your Reality

T  I  R  E  D .. has slowly  become the most used word in our community today. How is it possible that you are tired when you wake up, when you get to work, when you sleep, when you eat. You are literally tired all the time! I complained so much about being tired my friend told me to visit tired.com. I can’t believe the website exists ?

I tried categorizing my “tired” into mental tiredness, physical  tiredness, spiritual tiredness (Yes! It happens), emotional tiredness... the list is endless. One might say you need a different approach to attack each category; however, there are certain lifestyle changes that can cut across the different sectors. Let’s take a Look!

  1. Plan
I know you expected the first to be “sleep” but we already know that. However, what many of us fail to do is Plan. Plan your day the night before, Plan your week on Sunday, Plan what you are going to wear, Plan what you are having for lunch, Plan rest time. It might seem minute but most of the time the stress we feel is because we failed to plan.. at the end of the day stress leads to fatigue and we start complaining we are tired.  

2. Prioritize

It’s one thing to plan, it’s another thing to prioritize. When you fail to prioritize, your “Plan” is less effective. The end goal is to keep stress to the bare minimum. Prioritize from Urgent and Important downwards.

3. Learn To Say No

Most times we don’t know how to say No. Turn down events when necessary, decline extra tasks at work or helping your friends when they “need” you.As long as you make yourself available you will be used, it’s the rule of thumb.  You end up  burnt out and at least one person will still not be satisfied with your work so far.

4. Revitalize

Me Time is not a meme; this should be a ritual. Train yourself to stay in at least one day in  a week. Have one day where you tune off and relax. Watch Netflix, sleep in, DIY Mani& Pedis. Whatever makes you revitalized. When we pack our days and keep going day after day we tend to feel tired. You are  not a machine.

5. Power Packs

Vitamins , Power Naps at work, Working out at the gym, Sleeping More, Staying Hydrated, Avoiding excess caffeine are ways to boost your energy and prevent fatigue . Boosting your energy is equally as important as optimizing your energy.

Start with this 5 tips and let’s see if we can reduce our tiredness by 60%. I have no tips for combatting traffic? so that makes up the balance 40%.

What tips work for you in dealing with the  “TIRED” fever? Leave a comment and subscribe ?

9 thoughts on “Tired.Com – 5 Tips to Changing Your Reality

  1. All I need to do is sleep!! sleep!!! and sleep again???
    That is the beat approach that has worked for me (shower to cool down your nerves before sleeping)

    1. You are not alone. It’s one thing to read, it’s another to practice. Try out at least 2 tips in a day. Let’s see if there is any change.

    1. This makes a lot of sense. Especially if you download ahead. This can’t work for the drivers though ?

  2. 1 and 2 makes mad sense and maybe 4. I’m not ready to do 3 and 5 just yet. But good read. I’ll keep the tips in mind.

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