20 Questions To Ask Yourself Before 2020 ?
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20 Questions To Ask Yourself Before 2020 ?

20 Questions To Ask Yourself Before 2020 ?

2020 2020

2020 is almost here!! We are coming to the end of 2019  and motivational posts are flying left, right and center. It’s confusing and you don’t know where to start. The most popular this year are vision boards. I think they make a lot of sense if you feel up to it. For me, I have written about planning for the new year etc.. you can catch that post here! In other words, It is  a timeless piece; hence, no need for me to rewrite on it again.

However, in retrospect of this year and looking forward to the new year (2020 at the time this post was published ?) I have decided to use questions to assist us in preparing for the new year. In addition, I suggest you copy the questions to your notes and answer them honestly.

The questions are not arranged in any format which helps with spontaneity of answers. Let us begin!

1.) What are you most thankful for this year?

2.) What is your greatest achievement this year?

3.) Did you have a circle of friends you relied on this year? Did anyone rely on you? If No, what lesson can you take from this? If Yes, write their names down.

4.) How much did you earn this year?

5.) How much did you save this year? Convert that to a percentage vis a vis No 4.. Above all, how well did you do?

6.) Did you set new year resolutions the beginning of this year? Pull it out and score yourself .. now multiply by 100. What did you score?

7.) Did you read a capacity building book this year? How many? If No.. why?

8.) How much time will you say you spent with family per week? (This includes FaceTime, calls, etc) Is it good enough?

9.) What was the biggest L you received this year? Does it still feel like an L? For Instance, did you contribute to it in any way... if yes how? What lessons did you take from this experience?

10.) What selfless action did you carry out this year?

New Year.                                                                11.) What word summarizes your New Year game face?

12.) What are you looking forward to the most in the New Year? What plans are in place to achieve this?

13.) What are your financial goals this new year? Put a figure to it..

14.) What Personal Development goal have you set for the new year? How do you plan to achieve this? ( certification, online courses, school, Mentorship programs, etc)

15.) What lifestyle changes can you practice this new year to protect your space and energy?

16.) Choose one vice you plan to actively work on this New Year?

17)Who is your accountability partner this New Year?

18)What Avenue have you chosen to give back to the society this new year? This can be monthly or quarterly (e.g book bank, orphanage, blood donations, etc)

19.) What steps have you put in place to spend more time with your family?

20) What Exercise  are you focusing on this new year? (Gym, Swimming, Yoga, HIIT, etc)

This might be tasking but try your best to answer all questions, that is the only way to fully benefit from this exercise. After that, set up Calendar reminders to ensure you meet your targets.

Wishing you an Amazing Year ahead?

Love, Iperu Girl

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