Goodbye to “Send Your Account Number” – Instead!
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Goodbye to “Send Your Account Number” – Instead!

Goodbye to “Send Your Account Number” – Send Your Paylink Instead!

Paylink,ng How do you feel when you hear these words “Send Your Account Number” sounds like music to our ears! However, Imagine the stress of searching your contacts for your account number (some of you do not know your account number off the heart), sending your bank details, full name, BVN (that is a stretch!!). ‘ What if I tell you there is an easier way! I went to Social Media Week on Friday where I was part of a panel session on Legaltech. I stumbled on by Remita. My inquisitive nature wanted to know more. I asked a few questions and still did not get the difference between this product and a Paystack, Flutterwave, etc. Curiously, I checked out their platform and finally understood. Basically, the next time someone asks you for your account number all you have to do is send them a PAY LINK! The great thing is it is just one link. name. mine is  (you can send me small credit alert ) This is definitely easier than sending an 11 digit number, bank name, full name as written on your birth certificate and many other questions. Another scenario where I find this product useful. I recently started patronizing Instagram vendors, and I can say without a doubt that 70% of my transactions stopped at “send me your account number”. Firstly, it takes a while for them to reply. Secondly, they send the account number, name of account and bank. Instagram does not allow me to copy just the number, this means I need to copy the whole message, paste it then copy the number. This is where the vendor loses me. I end up doing something else and I never go back to complete the transaction.  Even when I do the vendors start asking for proof of payment because their banks take so long, description etc. This definitely will affect how many potential customers do not close deals with vendors.
In no particular order, these are the reasons why I made the switch to
  1. Less data to remember.
Sending a link is easier and shorter than sending name, account number and bank details. The fact that the link is easy to remember is also a plus.
  1. Data Privacy/ Protection
With this new age of all sorts of fraud, forwarding your account details leaves you vulnerable to fraud, theft and hacking on the world wide web.
  1. Great for sending invoices
Paylink has a feature that allows you to send an invoice. This is great for businesses, not necessarily for individuals/
  1. Easily Track Payments
You can easily go to your dashboard and track payments, with enough information on who sent the money. Not the one that you put on your status and say “Please who sent me N50,000!! Identify yourself in 2 hours or the money has entered voicemail”.
  1. Receive My Money in 5 minutes
Unlike other payment platforms, Paystack, Flutterwave, etc. you receive your money in 5 minutes. You do not have to wait till the next time money is being “swept”.
  1. Processing Fees
Paylink charges a 1% processing fee. Either way! 1% is still money that you would have retained if you sent your account details. The product gives you the option to push this charge to the sender. Where you are a vendor you can choose who will bear this cost. As an individual, 1% is a small price to pay for your privacy.
  1. Instant Alerts
These banks are really taking the piss. Some banks don’t bother sending sms alerts on the weekends. With Paylink I received my email alert instantly! Which is free by the way. It is bad enough I need to pay for SMS for alerts from my bank! At least let the alerts be instant.
  1. Feel More Tech Savvy
I am a lover of all things tech! and it feels good to send a short link when someone asks for my account number. Tech-savvy individuals will definitely be early adapters to However, I can see the struggle in making a case for individuals who are already comfortable with sending their account details. One thing I can guarantee though is after the first time you use, you will prefer it to the cumbersome method we are already used to. I suggest you use your Gmail account to open your account on Paylink as I had issues receiving my OTP with my Yahoo account. So! The next time someone says “Send Me Your Account Number!” Send them your Paylink instead! Love, Iperu girl ( )  

2 thoughts on “Goodbye to “Send Your Account Number” – Instead!

  1. I really like this blog post Iperugirl

    I also think it’s also great to have both your account number off head and the pay stack link

    You never know when that rich uncle comes and he says “send me your account number” ????

    1. Haha! Definitely the older generation will still want your account number ?. Also, it’s ?

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