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Isolation/Quarantine does not have to feel like a prison sentence. Try out these 19 activities to keep you fulfilling and occupied.


19 Activities To Do While In Isolation/ Quarantine
19 Activities To Do While In Isolation/ Quarantine

I am happy to see you here, this is because if you are reading this, you are aware to a reasonable extent of the gravity of the Covid-19 pandemic on the world at large. Secondly, you are either in self-isolation, quarantining, practising social distancing or preparing to do this.

This compulsory lockdown is quite similar to a prison sentence if we are being honest.

The difference this time is we can choose what to eat and how to spend our time indoors. This isolation period will bring about mixed feelings from different people.

For some, it means more family time, for others boredom, anxiety, and an endless list of not too great things.

I am here to tell you today that with intentional living you can make the best use of this isolation period and emerge a more rounded individual than the person you were before the lockdown.

Here are 19 ways how you can do this:

1. Rest
Human beings for the longest time are always on the move. We are always rushing somewhere, beating traffic, going for one engagement or the other.

The funniest part is how we are able to convince ourselves that every single event or action is important. If there is one takeaway from this course of events, there is nothing TOO IMPORTANT to be cancelled.

For crying out loud, even the 2020 Olympics has been moved to 2021.

So take the next few days off, rest and unwind.

You also don’t want to get sucked into the bubble of “you must hustle this isolation period”.

If the only thing you achieve this isolation period is proper rest, my darling YOU ARE DOING WELL.

2. Family Time
For many of us, we are home with family. Some family members we haven’t seen this year. This is a good opportunity to create memories.

Cook together, take selfies, participate in TikTok challenges.

If you are away from home, spend time video calling family. Technology has helped bridge the gap.

Consider sending a handwritten letter home. At a time like this support is all we need. Also, don’t forget that family is not limited to blood relations; you can choose your family.

3. Remote Work/Read for School
For many of us, we are working remotely or virtually. This isolation period is not the time to ignore emails if your office is still working.

Some companies may be forced to downsize, hence, you are better off delivering and making yourself more valuable.

Schedule work hours during the day and make it as productive as possible.

If you are still in school, focus on assignments or preparing for exams. The worst thing that can happen after this is to resume school and still fail. You will have no excuse.

Some of us might be in transition. Trying to find a new job, admission, etc. Take time out to read on what skills employers are looking out for, apply to universities, prepare your personal statements, apply for jobs, etc.

4. Clear Out Wardrobe/Room
That wardrobe/closet/store/room you have been procrastinating on clearing /it out, My Darling! Tis the season.

Face your demons dear. Let go of all that dead weight, you are already stuck in the house. You might as well make it as decluttered as possible.

5. Leisure Reading
One amazing thing about this isolation period is the peace and quiet you enjoy. Read books for leisure. You don’t even have to read Kiyosaki's “Rich Dad Poor Dad” or of all those deep books (they are good too) but reading takes your mind to places, exposes your mind and edifies you, it is okay to focus on relaxing and enjoyable books.  Check out pdfdrive.com, archive.org, for free books. 

6. Complete an Online Course
Permit me to say this, but it will be such a shame if you have access to data and a gadget and you are unable to complete ONE online course this isolation period.

Google Digital Skills for Africa, Udemy, Coursera, edX, to mention a few who offer free courses or courses you can pay for certificates upon completion and MOOCs from top universities in the world like Harvard, and M.I.T are great value add for your resume.

7. Clear Out Media On Your Devices
It is honestly unbelievable how much garbage we have stored as media on our devices. Screenshots automatically downloaded, Whatsapp videos, emails and pictures that take up space. Use this free time to clear out your media.

8. Catch Up On Old/New Series
We all have a particular series; old or new that we have been storing for the perfect moment. For me, I have been storing Money Heist and The Great Gatsby for a moment where I will be stuck indoors and need quality content.

Catch up on old series, start new ones, or just replay old ones. Create Netflix/Hulu/Disney+ family plans to keep costs down.

9. Exercise
Staying healthy has always been on our to-do list. For many of us, we used traffic as an excuse. I can already hear the excuse that the gyms are closed. You do not need to go to the gym to do cardio, yoga, HIIT, the list is endless. Have a virtual excercise buddy to keep you motivated. 

10. Cook/Bake
If you love eating out as much as I do, you definitely will not find this lockdown funny at all. Some restaurants are still delivering, but to be fair do you really want someone else touching your food?

Roll up your sleeves and cook your favourite dishes. Spend quality time baking or learning how to. You have all the time in the world. This is also a good activity to bond with family.

11. Develop New/Pending Business Ideas.
This pandemic is already causing economic recessions and mishaps. Now is a good time to brainstorm on alternative sources of income to work on during and after the pandemic blows over.

It will be good to focus on areas that will be in high demand once life gets back to normal.

12. Keep A Journal/ Write
The benefits of keeping a journal are so immense that it is interesting most of us do not keep one.

When you journal, you declutter your mind, improve your writing skills, become better organized and the best part is you can look back and laugh at how vast your mind has developed from when you wrote that piece down. Your journal might be published after this pandemic and touch thousands of lives, Anne Frank never expected to be this celebrated for keeping a diary. Google her now. 

13. Reach Out To Old Friends/Family
We all have old friends and family we have not been keeping up with. Take this time out to rekindle old flames. Many persons are lonely and isolate. Your call will make their day.

14. Cultivate A New Hobby
Life is not all about the hustle. We have a bad habit of turning everything into a money-making machine.

Research on hobbies and find something you enjoy doing that gives you an escape from the realities and stress of life.

15. Quiet Time/Meditation
If you are a religious person, spend time with God, read your holy book and spend quality time worshipping.

For me, I have some books in the Bible I plan to study and worship playlists to keep me company.

16. Invest In Music
Music is life! Music is a language! Music is soothing! Music uplifts! Music encourages! The right kind of music reduces high blood pressure. Spend time streaming lunchbox oldies, classics, musicals. Learn how to play an instrument. Just give yourself over to music.

17. Social Media Detox
Information is power!

Yes, we know. But we need to protect our mental health as there is so much negativity online and it is easy to give access to these things if you don't protect your space. Spend some time offline, recalibrate and filter what you follow on social media.

18. Self – Spa
When last did you indulge in a bubble bath? Take time out to take care of your skin. DIY Sauna, Honey and Sugar Wax, deep condition your hair, take out your lashes and nails, put on a fresh coat of nail polish, re-dye your hair. You don’t have to look like Tarzan because you are on house arrest.

19. Write A Bucket List
Nobody needs to tell you how fragile life is. We all want to make it past this pandemic and return back to our normal lives. It will be a shame to go back to how life used to be without any change from the reality of the tragic events that happened the preceding months. Use this free time to write a bucket list of things you want to do, places you want to go, accomplishments you aim for and how you plan to achieve them. 

This is a difficult time for everyone, However, as long as we stick together, be kind, follow all guidelines as directed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and keep our hopes up we will come out of this alive and stronger than before.

Remember, the first place the battle is won is in the mind.

P.S Verify all information on Covid-19 before you forward to friends and family. Together! We can #stopthespread of panic, anxiety, fear and Covid-19.

Iperu Girl


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